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Complete Handmade Jewelry Course.

Complete Handmade Jewelry Course.

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Throughout this hands-on course, you'll learn the art of jewelry making from start to finish, exploring various materials, techniques, and design concepts. Under the guidance of experienced jewelry artisans, you'll develop the ability to transform raw materials into exquisite wearable art.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Jewelry Making

    • Overview of jewelry making tools and materials
    • Introduction to different types of jewelry (e.g., necklaces, earrings, bracelets)
    • Safety precautions and workspace setup
  2. Jewelry Design Fundamentals

    • Elements and principles of design
    • Exploring inspiration sources and creating design sketches
    • Selecting suitable materials for your designs
  3. Wirework Techniques

    • Introduction to wire types, gauges, and their applications
    • Basic wire shaping, looping, and wrapping techniques
    • Creating wire-based jewelry components (e.g., clasps, jump rings, ear wires)
  4. Beadwork 

    • Understanding different bead types, shapes, and sizes
    • Stringing techniques using cords, threads, and wire
    • Incorporating beads into designs and creating patterns
  5. Metalworking Basics

    • Introduction to metals used in jewelry making (e.g., silver, copper)
    • Essential metalworking tools and their uses
    • Techniques such as cutting, filing, soldering, and texturing metal
  6. Stone Setting and Cabochon Wrapping

    • Different types of gemstones and their characteristics
    • Prong, bezel, and flush setting techniques
    • Wrapping cabochon stones with wire
  7. Polymer Clay Jewelry

    • Introduction to polymer clay and its properties
    • Techniques for shaping, texturing, and curing clay
    • Creating pendants, beads, and other clay jewelry components
  8. Finishing and Polishing

    • Cleaning and polishing techniques for metal and gemstones
    • Applying patinas, surface treatments, and finishes
    • Assembling and attaching jewelry components
  9. Business and Marketing for Jewelry Makers

    • Pricing your jewelry and calculating costs
    • Branding, packaging, and presenting your work
    • Strategies for selling and promoting your handmade jewelry
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