100% satisfaction guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may receive a 100% refund, or you may exchange the merchandise and receive credit towards another purchase as long as the merchandise is in its original condition and has not been worked on by any jeweler outside of Michael Hogan Jewelry.

For personal message rings, personalized jewelry, and engraved jewelry, we charge a modest 15% to 20% restocking fee to cover our labor cost. 

Please contact us within 14 days with the order number or your return request will not be accepted. Items must be shipped back within three days of return request approval.


We do not accept returns on the following:

Custom made items

Used or worn jewelry 

Jewelry returned damaged

Items missing parts.

Items worked on by other jewelers.

Items returned after 14 days.


Please send a return request (with the order number included) to

Return requests that don’t include the order number will not be accepted. Order numbers sent after 14 days of purchase will not be accepted.


We will contact you within 48 hours with instructions regarding your return request.

All returned items must be sent to the correct return location, via insured mail.

All returned items must come in original packaging including appraisal reports if applicable.

Refunds will be paid within 5 (business days) of receipt pending inspection.

Returns Will be repaid through the original payment method.


You will be responsible for shipping and or duty cost for international packages.